“Red team good, Blue team bad” The allure of partisanship

There is no better feeling than watching your team do well, particularly if it comes at the expense of a rival. As a football fan, some of my best experiences have been at derby days, where the other team and their fans are the enemies and are subjected to chants, jeers, and the rest forContinue reading ““Red team good, Blue team bad” The allure of partisanship”

A Hawkish Vision of British nuclear disarmament

The conversation about the United Kingdom giving up its nuclear arsenal has been led by pacifists, and they have not been very successful. A more Hawkish approach to the subject may prove more palatable to the British public. As Jeremy Corbyn found out during the 2017 General Election, being against nuclear weapons is seen asContinue reading “A Hawkish Vision of British nuclear disarmament”